24/7 Logistics Planning Center, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1950

Nick Lonnemann, Vice President, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0336

Northern Rivers Dry Cargo Team

Gregg Greaves, Director Northern Rivers Dispatch, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1603

Illinois/Upper Mississippi

Jeremy Wooten, Senior Manager, ILL/UMR Dispatch, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1871

Weston Schneider, Dispatcher, St. Louis to Cairo and Upper Mississippi, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1884

Geno Pirozek, Associate Dispatcher, Illinois River and Chicago, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0501


Dave Hoehn, Senior Manager, Ohio River Dispatch, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0436

Kendrick Ready, Dispatcher, Upper Ohio: North of Silver Grove, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1602 

Jackie Hansford, Lead Dispatcher, Lower Ohio: South Brandenburg, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1600

Jack Harrison, Associate Dispatcher, Tennessee/Cumberland Rivers and Mid-Ohio: Silver Grove to Brandenburg, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0544

Southern Rivers Dry Cargo Team

Vince Willis, Director, Southern Rivers Dispatch, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1650

Ryan McHale, Lead Dispatcher, Gulf Barge Allocations, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0485

Gulf Mainline

Bryan Gaudet, Senior Manager, Gulf Northbound Boat Plan, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0100

Meade Robbins, Lead Planner, Gulf Northbound Tows, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1833

Billy Dean, Planner, Gulf Northbound Tows, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1833

Ritchie O’Brien, Associate Dispatcher, Gulf, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1615

Gulf Boats

Terrence Durity, Senior Manager, Gulf Shuttle Boats, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0330

Nate McCarty, Associate Dispatcher, West Canal, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0268

East/West Canals and Lower Mississippi/Arkansas

Ryan Yankey, Senior Manager, East & West Canal Dispatch, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0409

Joe Ward, Lead Dispatcher, East Canal/Mobile/Tenn Tombigbee, Harahan, LA – 504-736-1210

Becca Schoenung, Dispatcher, Lower Mississippi/Arkansas, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0326

Mainline Liquid Cargo Team

Erika Faulkner, Lead Dispatcher, Gulf and Lower Mississippi / Arkansas Rivers, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1779

Todd Jabour, Dispatcher, Northern Rivers – Upper Miss, Illinois, TN/Cumberland, Ohio Rivers, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0224

Phil Adams, Dispatcher, Houston & West Canal, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1927

Matt Devarenne, Senior Manager Commercial Support, Liquids Team, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0303

Cairo Area

Fred Tucker, Director, Cairo Area/Barge Projection, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0254

Will Hart, Senior Manager, Cairo Area Boats, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0404

Greg McCorkle, Lead Dispatcher, Dry Barge Projections and Cairo Barge Planning, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1924

Outside Towing Team

Doug Hillyer, Director, Outside Towing, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1762

Lori Hamilton, Dispatcher, Chicago, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0387

Jessica Appel, Towing Sales Manager, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0317

Brent Lasher, Business Analyst, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-0178

Fleet Dispatch and Night Logistics Team

Brian Deering, Director, Fleet Dispatch and Night Logistics, Jeffersonville, IN – 812-288-1755

Cairo Fleet – 812-288-1952

Days: Roger Gaffin, Lead Fleet Dispatcher; Dave Fleming, Lead Fleet Dispatcher

Nights: Eric Wilcox, Fleet Dispatcher; Jose Alicea, Fleet Dispatcher

Houston Fleet – 812-288-1969

Days: Robert Hinkle, Lead Fleet Dispatcher; Jared Sturgeon, Fleet Dispatcher

Nights: Shawn Brison, Fleet Dispatcher; Jason Smith, Fleet Dispatcher

Night Logistics

Dry Cargo/Mainline Boats – 812-288-0589

Joe Colantonio, Fleet Manager; Joey Lowery, Fleet Manager

Tankerman/Liquid Barge – 812-288-0333

Dan Winchester, Dispatcher, Devyn Langley, Dispatcher

Gulf Barge/Shuttle Boat – 812-288-0547

Cheryl Hogan, Dispatcher; Andy Bean, Dispatcher

Gulf Fleets

Ryan Phillips, Director, Gulf Fleet Dispatch, Convent, LA – 225-562-5015

Belmont/Convent/Armant Fleets – 225-562-5001

Days: Roy McKinney, Lead Fleet Dispatcher; Chris Spann, Lead Fleet Dispatcher

*Nights: Wayne Ledet, Lead Fleet Dispatcher; Hunter Wells, Associate Fleet Dispatcher [*Includes Ships]

Tiger/Harahan Fleets – 225-562-5002

Days: Gelishia Harris, Associate Fleet Dispatcher; Michelle Stewart, Fleet Dispatcher

Nights: David Carbo, Fleet Dispatcher; Lindsay Thompson, Associate Fleet Dispatcher